Trilene Knot


One of the greatest multipurpose knots for fishermen is the trilene knot. There is little if any point in fishing if the knot connecting one’s line to their hook isn’t strong enough to hold onto the catch. The trilene knot can be used to connect monofilament line to a variety of artificial lures and hooks. Most importantly, though, it resists slippage, and therefore it effectively protects your prized catch by retaining 85% of the lines strength.

How To Tie a Trilene Knot

  1. Carefully send the line through the eye of the hook twice. This step should be done loosely so that there is a loop left behind the eye of the hook.
  2. Taking care to avoid the loop, wrap approximately six times around the line above the hook. Wrapping should be done in the upward direction starting approximately one centimeter from the eye of the hook.
  3. Send the remaining line through both the loop resulting at the base of the wrap and the loop going through the eye of the hook.
  4. Pull the knot tightly to insure that it is strong and enjoy a fun day of fishing.