Timber Hitch


The timber hitch, as its name suggests, is a knot that is often used by lumbermen to attach a rope to a tree trunk. In this context it is often used to pull a tree in a desired direction when it is being taken down. However, the potential functions for this knot have the ability to go far beyond the roots of its name. The timber hitch can be used on any long object, such as a beam or post, to attach a rope and provide a tight hold. This makes it particularly useful for dragging heavy objects. Use the following simple steps to tie your own timber hitch.

How to Tie a Timber Hitch Knot

  1. Begin by sending the rope behind the object.
  2. Holding the tail end of the rope in the dominant hand and the standing rope in the other, pass the tail end around the standing end.
  3. Wrap the tail end of the rope around the working part, which wraps around the object, approximately three times.
  4. Finally, tighten the knot by pulling on the tail and standing ends.