Snell Knot


Whether you are a new or an old hand to fishing, learning the basics will definitely increase your enjoyment while decreasing the frustration that you possibly will encounter while holding a hook and a line. One important thing that needs to be considered before making the first cast is tying a good knot. Though some people will just buy a pre-snelled hook, learning how to tie a snell knot is a priceless skill to attain.


How to Tie a Snell Knot

  1. Using your non-dominant hand, hold the hook while the other hand holds the line.
  2. Hold the tag end of the line and insert 4-5 inches long of it through the hook’s eye.
  3. Create a big loop of the line and insert the tag end back through the hook’s eye; in the same manner you did it the first time. Take it alongside the hook’s shank for about a half inch. Hold the line’s tag end against the hook’s shank.
  4. Take the big loop down under and insert the hook through it.
  5. Create 8-10 tight loop turns around the hook’s shank.
  6. Using your fingers, hold the tightly drawn loop turns in place. Once all the turns are complete, keep holding the loops while pulling the line gently and firmly from the hook’s eye and pulling tightly the loops against the shank and sliding them towards the hook’s eye.
  7. Pull the line’s tag end down towards the hook’s barb as firmly as possible. For a better grip, you can make use of a plier. Trim the line’s tag end to about 1/8 inch of the looped line.

And there you go, about two or three tied snell knots are all it takes to get you started cranking them out.