A noose knot tightens when pulled on, making it ideal for its most macabre historical purpose – executions. The weight of a human body pulling against the knot would tighten it and suffocate the victim, unless their neck was broken in their initial fall from the gallows. It can also be used for fishing, with the lure left on either a tighter or looser noose depending on how much movement is desired. The number of coils in the knot can vary and affects the ease of both the tightening and the loosening of the knot.

How to Tie a Noose

  1. Create an S shaped with a rope.
  2. Pinch the rope in the middle of the S and wrap the trailing bottom of the S around the pinched area tightly.
  3. Four or five loops around should do it.
  4. Now there should be two loops, one on each side of this looping wrap. Let’s call them loop A and B.
  5. Put the end of the rope you have been wrapping with through the closest loop, loop A.
  6. Then pull on one end of loop B in such a way that loop A tightens and pinches off that end of the rope. At this point the noose will be ready.