Half Hitch

The Half Hitch Knot is commonly used as a temporary knot. It is used to securely grasp an object momentarily, and it allows for quick release once it is no longer needed. Almost all tradesmen and outdoor enthusiast use the Half Hitch Knot. The Half Hitch Knot is commonly used by electricians when they have to pull large wire. Campers use this knot when setting up a tent, hanging lanterns and dragging large pieces of wood. Boaters and sailors use the Half Hitch Knot while rigging their equipment.


The Half Hitch Knot also functions as reinforcement to stronger knots. This reinforcement provides reassurance that the original knot doesn’t fail. When the safety of people and equipment is on the line, every precaution helps. The Half Hitch Knot is the most basic knot. However, without a clear understanding of how to tie such a knot, successfully tying it is hard to do. Here is a list of easy to follow steps outlining the process.

How to Tie a Half Hitch Knot

  1. Wrap the rope around an object such as a pipe, or a log.
  2. Run the small piece under the longer piece.
  3. Run the small piece over and down into the space between the rope and the object.
  4. Press the knot to the object, and pull the rope to make it tight.
  5. To release the knot, simply pull the small piece.