Celtic Knot


A Celtic Knot has been used for centuries from the Romans to the Saxons. These knots were used for jewelry or for decorations and is still used today. The knot is said to be designed after the Celtic Tree. This tree is said to symbolize many things, including wisdom, strength and longevity. It is said to make a connection between spirit and earth.


How to Tie a Celtic Knot

It is not difficult to make a Celtic knot, but tightening of the knot will take some practice.

  1. Take a cord or string to practice tying the knot. You will need about 2 feet to work with.
  2. There will be two sides you are working with, right side and left side. Secure the left side with tape or pins to a surface while learning how to make this knot. First, tie the two ends together and then fasten the left side to a surface.
  3. Next you will want to make a loop, about the size of a quarter. Take the string that is on the right side and you will want to thread it over the other side, or left side of the string, then again back over the right.
  4. The objective is to keep making loops from the right side to left side. You want to go up and under each time alternating. As you beginning to make loops, you should start to see a square emerge and form your knots.
  5. The final step is to keep looping the string around the top portion of the knot. To finish up, take the string and take it under and then make a final crossing to complete the knot.

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